Acorns Gone Wild DVD part 1

Acorns Gone Wild DVD part 1

Run Time: 75 minutes
Size: 717.0 MB

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As I travel around the country demonstrating at turning symposiums and woodworking shows, I always have small lidded acorn boxes on hand. I ask between $10 and $12 each and have a hard time keeping enough stock to satisfy the demand. Acorns are easy, quick and the designs seem to be infinite. Whether you want to make them as gifts for friends and family or make them as hot selling craft fair items, you can't miss with acorn lidded boxes. I show you how I hand chase threaded lids, get a perfect slip fit on another type and even make salt and pepper shakers stylized like acorns. My favorite is the acorn miniature birdhouse ornament which can also double as a small gift box. I know you will be as fascinated with these small lidded boxes as I am.