Turned Lidded Boxes DVD 1-2

Turned Lidded Boxes DVD 1-2

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This presentation will teach you:

◦The one chuck box turning method.
◦Some of the best (easiest) ways to hollow end grain for small boxes under three inches.
◦How to achieve suction fitting lids.
◦The secrets of jamb chucking when you want to turn the underside of the lid.
◦How to inlay disks in a pictured framed lid.
◦Really enhance a simple project with chatterwork then set it off with micro groves.
◦On lathe instant finishing methods.
◦The Close Look Section lets you examine several boxes close up inside and out with incredible detail.
◦Ron's Photo Gallery ill give you great design ideas. You see close up still photos of gorgeous boxes, the detail is marvelous.

This bundle contains the following products:

Turned Lidded Boxes part 1Turned Lidded Boxes part 1
Turned Lidded Boxes part 2Turned Lidded Boxes part 2

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